Pursuing The Best Bourbon, Finest Scotch, and Great Cigars

A few months ago, we were sitting in Frank’s “smokehouse” enjoying a nice cigar when Frank asked, “What is ‘That One Thing’ you turn to most often for relaxation?” The answer was that smoking a nice cigar provided a blissful 45 minutes to an hour of world-detaching relaxation while thinking of nothing but the smoke and flavors of a well-made cigar.


That began a discussion of our other favorite things -- bourbon and scotch. Sometimes, we agreed, slowly sipping a good bourbon or scotch provided “that one thing” that allowed us to step back from the hectic workday, wind down, and appreciate how good life is and how fortunate we are to live in this great country.


From this conversation, 1bourbon1scotch1smoke was born. We decided to dedicate ourselves to sharing our experiences with “That One Thing”. We soon began to develop this page to provide family, friends, neighbors, and any one else who is interested with informed discussion -- from production to enjoyment at home -- of good whiskies and cigars.


On this website will come whiskey and cigar reviews and opportunities for guided travel with similarly motivated friends to the locales where bourbon, scotch and cigars are produced. We are committed to providing you with informative, credible, and entertaining reviews of bourbon, scotch and cigars and hope you will share with us your thoughts on your favorite whiskies and cigars.


Join us as we have fun tasting, traveling, and writing on “That One Thing” from Scotland to Kentucky, Central America, and the Caribbean..


We hope you find “That One Thing” to be 1bourbon1scotch1smoke.

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Drew Estate Cigar Safari

Frank and Felix travel to Esteli, Nicaragua to experience the Drew Estate Cigar Safari. Click on the pic to read about the trip!

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